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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice

Calling All Georgia Feminists | Dr. Linder Guest Posts

Georgia Feminists, we’ve got a mission for you. Aashka introduced you to Dr. Chris Linder last month, and she’s with us today to invite you to get involved in a huge way. Here’s Dr. Linder on why your experience as a woman on a university campus is crucial. ——- Greetings UGA Feminists! Thanks to the leadership…

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Meet Dr. Chris Linder

By: Aashka Dave The Georgia Feminist shirts caused a conversation. Sold for the first time during Spring 2014, the shirts became a campus-wide nod to the need for women’s resources at the University of Georgia. Spurred on by the SGA-sponsored group Dawgs for a Women’s Center at UGA (today the independent student organization WORC), the…

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Dialogue on Sexual Assault: Is Anyone Really Talking?

By: Ha Truong As a new writer for the Women’s Outreach and Resource Collective and a beginning public feminist, I was curious to see how the “Dialogue on Sexual Assault.” led by the Equal Opportunity Office, would unfold. This event was held in room 248 of the Miller Learning Center on Wednesday, Oct. 29. I…

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Tailgating While Feminist: A New Scarlet Letter (Part 1)

By: Ansley Hayes I’m not one for large hordes of screaming people dead set on drinking their weight in Keystone Light before noon. It’s a big surprise, then, that when I was in school I didn’t go to a single football game. The closest I came to school spirit during undergrad was keeping track of the football…

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Fair Labor, Equal Rights and Alta Gracia

By: Danielle Meinert Women’s rights are commonly thought to include issues like reproductive justice, ending sexual assault, and stopping slut-shaming. However, issues within the developing world, like workers’ rights, are just as vital. Alta Gracia is the first living-wage college-logo garment factory in the Caribbean. Most garment factories could be described as “sweatshops,” but Alta…

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UGA’s Neglect of Parenting Students Hurts Women

By: Rebecca Stapleford UGA has tried to build a diverse student body in many ways. However, when it comes to parenting students, UGA has lagged behind in providing accommodations to meet the unique needs of this section of the student body and making the resources that exist known to students. While university childcare exists, it…

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Dear UGA

By: Savannah Downing Dear UGA, I have spent the last four years walking under your sprawling magnolias, getting lost in your old buildings, working in a couple of your departments, and dozing off on your pretty lawns. This week, I will have walked up your old chapel steps in the English ceremony and then sat…

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Dr. Theresa Raetz

By: Savannah Downing Support for a Women’s Center has been growing amongst faculty, staff, and many students since the rewriting of an original proposal was undertaken by members of the Student Government Association. Yet for some faculty members and administrators, this provision has been on their minds for many, many years. Teresa Raetz is one…

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