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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice

Calling All Georgia Feminists | Dr. Linder Guest Posts

Georgia Feminists, we’ve got a mission for you. Aashka introduced you to Dr. Chris Linder last month, and she’s with us today to invite you to get involved in a huge way. Here’s Dr. Linder on why your experience as a woman on a university campus is crucial. ——- Greetings UGA Feminists! Thanks to the leadership…

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Ten Tips for Women Traveling Alone

By: Ansley Hayes 1 Decide you are old and smart enough to travel alone-a short weekend trip to see a friend in another state. Save money for a month and google “how to buy a plane ticket.” Take a few moments at the Delta checkout counter to imagine an elaborate escape plan should you be…

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Dialogue on Sexual Assault: Is Anyone Really Talking?

By: Ha Truong As a new writer for the Women’s Outreach and Resource Collective and a beginning public feminist, I was curious to see how the “Dialogue on Sexual Assault.” led by the Equal Opportunity Office, would unfold. This event was held in room 248 of the Miller Learning Center on Wednesday, Oct. 29. I…

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A Response: The Misconceptions of Sexual Assault

By: Juhi Varshney It is so wonderful to see so many UGA students, men as well as women, speaking out against sexual assault. However, it is a very complex issue, and there are many misconceptions that still surround our understanding of this pervasive scourge. I hope to dispel a few in this response. ”Fighting Sexual…

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Understanding Sexual Assault Cases

By: Erin Muehlhasen April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and with its closing, it’s a prime time to learn and think a little about how poorly sexual assault cases are handled around the country, including in our own beloved Peach State. Social Stigmatization  Let’s start by addressing the most basic complication regarding the treatment of sexual…

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