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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice


The Way We Talk About God

By: Caitlyn Beatty (Side note: It may be the case that masculinity in other religions is also quite prevalent and/or problematic. However, as I am a Methodist, Christianity is the only religion I feel I can draw experience from). I was raised in the Methodist Church. I was raised to be and am still a…

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A More Holistic View of Gender Equality

By Samuel Dickinson   1. Setting the Stage In almost every society across the world, traditional gender roles greatly privilege men, often at the expense of women. Continual reinforcement of rigid gender norms deprives women of rights, power, and resources. This in turn leads to women having a lower economic status, less opportunity for education,…

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The Danger of Gendered Objects

By: Samuel Dickinson I walked down the aisles of Kroger several weeks ago for my monthly toiletry trip. Each shelf presented a variety of options for toothpaste, shampoo, and hand soap. The scene was tranquil and rather mundane until I turned one corner in particular. What I found in that deodorant aisle both perturbed and…

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Female vs Male Journalists

By: Hannah Smith With the subject of journalism becoming a prominent component of film in the past year with the release of Nightcrawler, it’s important to analyze how journalists are portrayed based on gender. We see prominent male actors in the roles of investigative reporters taking all the risks necessary to create an important piece…

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Dialogue on Sexual Assault: Is Anyone Really Talking?

By: Ha Truong As a new writer for the Women’s Outreach and Resource Collective and a beginning public feminist, I was curious to see how the “Dialogue on Sexual Assault.” led by the Equal Opportunity Office, would unfold. This event was held in room 248 of the Miller Learning Center on Wednesday, Oct. 29. I…

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Tailgating While Feminist (Part 2)

What happens when a reluctant football fan goes tailgating while wearing a Georgia Feminist t-shirt? Check out Part One of this story here. I stood at the top of Lumpkin Street at Five Points waiting for the walk signal, and I watched the irritated faces of every driver stuck waiting at a light that changed…

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We Want You: Boys in the English Department

By: Caroline King In my Victorian literature class last week, as we were discussing the all-too familiar restrictions under which Victorian women lived, my thoughts drifted elsewhere to those floating behind the blank stare of the guy sitting next to me. Was his disinterest due to the irrelevance of this particular topic to his male…

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