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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice

Nip and Tuck, Plate and Coil

By: Mallory Harris Feminist dialogue often revolves around bodily autonomy and society’s negative influence on women. An often-overlooked context for these terms is female body modification. To preface, all cultures have their own traditions and concepts of beauty. Encouraging people to abandon their customs simply because they are unusual to us is close-minded and irresponsible….

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6 Books by Women I Can’t Wait to Read in 2015

By Ansley Hayes It’s an accepted fact that Western women read more than Western men. 80% of American fiction readers are women, and books written by women are published in about the same numbers as books written by men. Yet there exists a two tiered system that reserves national accolades and literary respect for male…

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Lifting the Veil: The Truth About Middle Eastern Women

By: Nneka Ewulonu A common rebuttal to Western feminism is: “how can you complain when women in the Middle East are far more oppressed than you?” Among the many problems with this statement is the fact that, in reality, women in the Middle East or other regions dominated by the Islamic religion are generally as…

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Fear of Femininity

By: Julie Saxton I am not a “girly girl.” I never have been, I have never wanted to be, and I doubt I ever will be. I don’t like pink or frills or bows. I like shopping, but somehow I always end up picking out black clothes. I wear heels for the sole purpose of…

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