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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice



Editorial Board:

Executive Director: Kathleen Wilson

Public Relations Director: Hannah Robbins

Events Director: Mallory Harris

Associate Editors: Julia ConnellSamuel Dickinson,  Jackie KeatonHa Truong


Andy Bedingfield

Angela Seal

Ansley Hayes

Caitlyn Beatty

Erica Lee

Erin Muehlhausen

Hannah Smith

Juhi Varshney

Julia Repisky

Julie Saxton

Kara Wexler

Kris Henry

Laurel Haislip

Leslie Abshire

Maggie Davis

Mariya Lewter

Missy DeVelvis

Rebecca Stapleford

Savannah Downing


Former Staff: 

Editorial Director 2014-2015: Aashka Dave

Content Director 2014-2015: Danielle Meinert