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By: Chelsea Abercrombie Okay guys, let’s be honest: very few of us actually enjoy reading or watching the news. Ultimately, though, you can’t impact the world without knowing what’s going on in it. After a few hours spent scouring the Internet (translation: I took 6 Buzzfeed quizzes and then scrolled through Twitter) here’s a collection of…

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Why I’m a Feminist

By: Madison Turner I was sporting my new “Georgia Feminist” shirt the other day when a friend saw me and jokingly asked, “So just when did you become a feminist?” Our conversation was completely light-hearted, but it really got me thinking… so when did I become a feminist? The first day of my freshman year,…

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The War on Spandex

By: Missy DeVelvis It is in observing my peers on public places like the Orbit bus that I maintain my knowledge of fashion trends (I am a simple woman). UGA’s broad spectrum always makes me chuckle: I see poor, half-awake souls in pajama pants, athletes with their latest acquisitions from “Nike Christmas,” and brave individuals…

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Comparison is the Thief of Joy

By: Juhi Varshney You are beautiful. I mean it. This sentiment is not expressed nearly as much as it should be, but I want you to know that you are unique and special and loved and so much more than your looks. When I say you’re beautiful, I mean more than your twinkling eyes and…

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Dr. Theresa Raetz

By: Savannah Downing Support for a Women’s Center has been growing amongst faculty, staff, and many students since the rewriting of an original proposal was undertaken by members of the Student Government Association. Yet for some faculty members and administrators, this provision has been on their minds for many, many years. Teresa Raetz is one…

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