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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice

Warring Communities

By: Rebecca Stapleford The internet outrage over the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which critics have called anti-gay, and Memories Pizza, whose owners publicly stated that providing service to a gay wedding would compromise their religious beliefs, has been impossible to escape, and the uncivil and downright hateful behavior from both sides has caused me…

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A Look into Transfeminism: Interview with Olive Eloise Dixon

By: Missy DeVelvis My posts for the WORC are lacking in diversity, and so I decided to give the mic to someone else for a change! I’ve known Olive Dixon for a while now. We went to high school together in Kennesaw, Georgia and sang and danced our little hearts out in the school musicals….

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A Guide on Consuming and Enjoying Non-Feminist Things Guilt Free

By: Jackie Keaton There is no such thing as a “perfect feminist.” Feminism is not a competition in which we need to outdo one another to be “better feminists.” (In fact, it should be the exact opposite of a competition among women; we should be standing together as a united front against sexism). Someone can…

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An Interview with Sharon Saxton

by Julie Saxton Interviewee: Sharon Saxton My mother has been one of the most important influences on my personal beliefs. From the beginning, she has taught me to respect all people of all backgrounds, to speak up for myself, and to fight for equality. Since she grew up in a very different time, during which…

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