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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice

A Thank You to Single Moms

By: Julia Repisky It takes a selfless woman to be a mother. Mothers devote all their time and energy to fulfill their most valuable task: being a mother. Though I am not a mom myself, I think mothers deserve a lot more appreciation than they get. I want to take a moment to thank all…

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“Lean In” to the New Mainstream Feminism

By: Hannah Smith Earlier this month, Sheryl Sandberg launched the next installment on her list of Lean In initiatives:Lean In Together. This iteration of Lean In offers a new twist to past tactics by calling on  men to play their part in gender equality. The initiative features a partnership with the NBA, offers an array…

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A Perfectionist’s Anorexia

My best friend Harriet* and I are running around trying to complete last minute errands before we leave town for the summer.  She turns to me and asks if we can stop and get something to eat; neither of us has eaten all day.  As we start to eat our Panera salads, she remarks, “I…

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A Plea for Paid Parental Leave

By Laurel Haislip   Iceland has it. Sweden has it. Even China and Indonesia have it. The United States, with all our advances, is one of only four countries (the others being Swaziland, Papua New Guinea, and Lesotho) to not mandate paid parental leave for working mothers. The U.S. allows a new mother 12 weeks of…

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The WORC Interview Guide

By: Erica Lee Got the interview jitters? Graduating, student loans, and day-to-day life are stressful enough without having to worry about interviews—especially when preparing for interviews might interfere with the unique way you experience your gender, body, culture, and identity. It’s no secret that interview guides are modeled on western ideals of “professionalism,” showing an…

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Dealing with my White Girl Feminism

By: Missy DeVelvis I am white. I am educated, relatively well-spoken, and middle class. I am a feminist, but in many, many ways I adhere to what is called “white feminism.” What is white feminism? In this amazing blog post, BattyMamzelle blogger Cate Young describes it as “a specific set of single-issue, non-intersectional, superficial feminist…

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The Forgotten Letter on the Spectrum, part two: Q(ueer)

By: Julia Connell   Queer is the story of love and hate. Queer is the story of reclaiming identity. Queer is the story of community. Likely, most people have heard this word used in a variety of ways. A word used to depict something strange on old British TV shows. An insult that a bully…

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My Feminist Reasons for Going Through Sorority Recruitment

By: Jackie Keaton At the end of last semester, I found myself without any good friends at school. My high school friends had drifted apart, my closest friends were scattered across the country, and my boyfriend was long distance. I started to consider joining a sorority, and as I listed out the pros and cons….

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Bad Body Image and Throwing Out the Scale

By: Laurel Haislip tw: eating disorders I haven’t stepped on a scale in years. For some people, visual confirmation of their healthy choices (was choosing that salad really worth it?) is routine behavior that keeps them on track with their appearance. But for me, it became dangerous. There was a time, not all that long ago,…

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Guerrilla Girls: The GMOA’s Latest Exhibit and Why It Matters

By: Julie Saxton The Georgia Museum of Art’s Not Ready to Make Nice: Guerrilla Girls in the Art World and Beyond exhibit includes, but is not limited to, giant posters declaiming the Oscars, photographs of women hiding their faces behind gorilla masks, and satirical picket signs. I expected none of this when I walked into…

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