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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice


7 Things You Should Know About the “Free The Nipple” Campaign

By: Kara Wexler When I first mentioned this provocative nipple-freeing campaign to my 74-year-old father from Carrollton, GA, he couldn’t believe the world had come to this. In his defense, he lives in a country where the tiniest accidental sight of Janet Jackson’s nipple for a fraction of a second during the 2004 Super Bowl…

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Sleater-Kinney, “America’s Greatest Rock Band,” Is Back: Why Feminists Should Rejoice

By: Andy Bedingfield Greil Marcus, one of the most highly renowned rock critics, once called Sleater-Kinney “the best band in the world.”  For a while, nobody in the know could really argue with his assessment, nor would they have wanted to do so.  The band’s songs spoke clearly and forcefully for themselves, the album-length statements…

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