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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice

Calling All Georgia Feminists | Dr. Linder Guest Posts

Georgia Feminists, we’ve got a mission for you. Aashka introduced you to Dr. Chris Linder last month, and she’s with us today to invite you to get involved in a huge way. Here’s Dr. Linder on why your experience as a woman on a university campus is crucial. ——- Greetings UGA Feminists! Thanks to the leadership…

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US Lags Far Behind Other Nations in Fair Treatment of Pregnant and Parenting Workers

By: Rebecca Stapleford This June, our Supreme Court will hand down their decision on which will determine whether or not the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act requires employers to provide accommodations to pregnant employees who cannot fulfill their normal job requirements. The plaintiff, Peggy Young, had her job and health insurance suspended by her employer, UPS,…

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On Beauty

By: Juhi Varshney 1. What is beauty, really? I find it difficult to quantify such a nebulous quality, so I will reduce it to terms that are easier to dissect. For the entirety of this piece, I will refer to beauty in its most superficial sense, concerning only the exterior. For me, beauty is really…

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A Farewell to Parks and Recreation

By Hannah Smith   Today marks the end of the incredibly underrated comedy show Parks and Recreation. Let us not dwell on the imminent despair sweeping the country at the thought that Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope won’t be teaching new lessons and exemplifying a positive role model across our television screens week after week.  …

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By: Caitlyn Beatty The rate of new cases of eating disorders has been on the rise since 1950, yet the level of funding, advocating and knowledge of eating disorders is dramatically lower than less pervasive mental illnesses including Alzheimer’s, Autism and Schizophrenia.  National Eating Disorders Association is a non-profit that provides support and  resources for, and…

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Throwback Time: Six Empowering Young Adult Novels I Grew Up Reading

By: Missy DeVelvis Like the moving Always commercial states, a girl’s self-esteem plummets as she goes through puberty. I experienced the same–middle school was and will always be the worst. The young-adult fiction books that I read during this time, however, were packed full of empowered, confident women, whether those women were the author or…

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Femvertising: The New Era of Advertising

By: Julia Repisky Advertising is necessary for the media world to go round. Let’s face it though, perceptions of advertising are bad—people consider advertising untrustworthy, greedy, and overall demeaning to women. Many analyze advertisements as an unhealthy component to our lives. These perceptions include how ads seem to set unreachable beauty ideals for women, establish…

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Feminist Spotlight: Shirley Chisolm

By: Kris Henry In my opinion, a large portion of the path to social justice is comprised of rewriting our history books. As well as acknowledging Black History Month, I would like to shine a feminist (and all around inspirational) spotlight on Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisolm (November 30, 1924-Janurary 1, 2005). Chisolm is most…

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Nip and Tuck, Plate and Coil

By: Mallory Harris Feminist dialogue often revolves around bodily autonomy and society’s negative influence on women. An often-overlooked context for these terms is female body modification. To preface, all cultures have their own traditions and concepts of beauty. Encouraging people to abandon their customs simply because they are unusual to us is close-minded and irresponsible….

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Why Science Majors Should Care About Social Justice

By: Erica Lee When I talk to science majors about sexism and oppression, the answer is usually “Thanks, but that’s not really my thing.” I get it.  Why study “mushy” concepts like social issues when the “hard” sciences honor established  pathways and strict laws?  There’s a comfort in knowing that a sodium-gated ion channel will…

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