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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice

Meet Dr. Chris Linder

By: Aashka Dave The Georgia Feminist shirts caused a conversation. Sold for the first time during Spring 2014, the shirts became a campus-wide nod to the need for women’s resources at the University of Georgia. Spurred on by the SGA-sponsored group Dawgs for a Women’s Center at UGA (today the independent student organization WORC), the…

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A Quiet Revolution

By: Erica Lee “Good morning, boys and girls!” says the teacher. Their students look back at her, a sea of kindergarteners ready to be hooked on phonics.  But that’s not all these kids are learning today. In five words, our teacher strengthens the idea of the gender binary.  These four-year-olds hear yet another adult say…

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Ten Reasons Why Nicki Minaj is a Feminist Super Star

By: Juhi Varshney   1. She makes hip-hop and rap relatable for women. Many women enjoy a good beat, catchy music, and clever rhymes, but the misogynistic lyrics and images of objectification that dominate the hip-hop industry are no fun for female audiences. Thankfully, we have Nicki to create lyrical gems that we can belt to…

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Why Marrying Later Is Not The Worst Thing

By: Hannah Smith Just in the three years since I graduated high school, an incredible amount of my peers have become engaged and some already married before completing college. I find it difficult to believe I’m the only one without any desire to be engaged any time in the near future, but it seems that…

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The Cutting Edge on Shaving: Body Hair Expectations

By: Julia Connell Stares on the bus. Glares from complete strangers. Rude comments from family and acquaintances. What receives these reactions, you may ask? My unsightly, disgusting armpit hair. (cue shrieks of terror and mirrors breaking) Although seemingly innocuous, body hair outside of expected places can receive very strong reactions. In America, removal of body…

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Feminism and Rock Music

By: Andy Bedingfield Rock music remains vital to me, perhaps because, and not in spite of, its overall retreat from the pop charts. Holing up in the caverns of its own weirdness that always existed has allowed people from the fringes to get more visibility in their corners and more autonomy in their expressions of…

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