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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice

A Feminist Falls to Pieces

By: Savannah Downing Recently I apologized for crying. I could not determine if it was one drink too many since being back in higher altitudes or if I had been holding in something painful that I just needed to let go at that moment. What I can determine, though, is that my first instinct was…

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Folk Art: The Art of The Marginalized

By: Rebecca Stapleford In the Georgia Museum of Art, there are two large glazed stoneware jars painted with simple flower decorations. The placard next to them states that they were made by anonymous slave women. These unknown artists transformed a utilitarian object that they were ordered to make into a method of self-expression and an…

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The State of the Union Address: A Landmark for Social Justice

By: Kris Henry Aside from his pointed comeback about winning both elections in his State of the Union last week, President Obama also did something no other in the office has before. He acknowledged the transgender community in a discussion of civil rights, which was a major critique of his inaugural address. Near the end…

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