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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice

A Feminist Falls to Pieces

By: Savannah Downing Recently I apologized for crying. I could not determine if it was one drink too many since being back in higher altitudes or if I had been holding in something painful that I just needed to let go at that moment. What I can determine, though, is that my first instinct was…

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Folk Art: The Art of The Marginalized

By: Rebecca Stapleford In the Georgia Museum of Art, there are two large glazed stoneware jars painted with simple flower decorations. The placard next to them states that they were made by anonymous slave women. These unknown artists transformed a utilitarian object that they were ordered to make into a method of self-expression and an…

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The State of the Union Address: A Landmark for Social Justice

By: Kris Henry Aside from his pointed comeback about winning both elections in his State of the Union last week, President Obama also did something no other in the office has before. He acknowledged the transgender community in a discussion of civil rights, which was a major critique of his inaugural address. Near the end…

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The Intersectional Feminist Supporter

By: Ha Truong As a young Asian woman and feminist, people might question why I adamantly support the protests against the grand jury decisions in the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner. I’m not black. I haven’t faced severe discrimination. I am not from Ferguson, Missouri; Staten Island, New York; or any poor, urban…

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The Importance of Shine Theory

By: Julie Saxton The average girl has probably spent some time comparing herself to other girls. She might look at and compare herself to someone of a lower social status to feel a little better about herself. And she might envy the girl who seems to “have it all”–maybe designer clothes and purses, lots of…

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The Forgotten Letter on the Spectrum: A(sexuality)

By Julia Connell   “I’m just not attracted to you” is a well-worn phrase on sitcoms, when dealing with a co-worker who comes on a little too strong, and in high-school homerooms. For many people, attraction functions as an extension of both their emotions and sexuality, and romantic feelings towards another person automatically imply sexual…

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Annie’s Tomorrow, Today

By: Mallory Harris While one year-end blockbuster provoked political tension and a series of cyberattacks, another proved itself to be equally powerful in different ways. The 2014 remake of Annie is quietly poised to have a huge impact on the way elementary schoolers perceive race. The musical is clearly not trying to invoke controversy or…

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A More Holistic View of Gender Equality

By Samuel Dickinson   1. Setting the Stage In almost every society across the world, traditional gender roles greatly privilege men, often at the expense of women. Continual reinforcement of rigid gender norms deprives women of rights, power, and resources. This in turn leads to women having a lower economic status, less opportunity for education,…

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Buzzfeed, Boys, and Double-Standards

By Missy DeVelvis   Many people have a bone to pick with Buzzfeed and its “listicles,” articles that take the form of lists accompanied by pictures and gifsets. They argue that such a style is pointless. Buzzfeed’s Nicole Kidman interview article, for instance, needlessly summarizes the video with pictures before posting the link to watch. Regardless of…

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Why My Mother is Not a Feminist

By: Laurel Haislip One usually does not have enlightening experiences while doing laundry, which made this laundry day even more surprising. Home for the holidays, I pulled my new “Georgia Feminist” shirt out of the pile, ready to throw it into the washer. Excited about my newest (and most comfortable) purchase, I held it up…

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