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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice

Yes All Men’s Right’s Activists

By: Mallory Harris Recently, self-proclaimed men’s rights activists have gained attention on the Internet for a series of inflammatory social media campaigns. The meninist hashtag, originally intended to point out inequalities faced by men, has quickly degenerated into another mode of mocking feminism. 4chan’s users have been creating fake Twitter accounts and posing as radical…

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Intersectionality, Employment, and Equal Pay

By: Rebecca Stapleford A few years ago, I applied for a job at Joann Fabrics in my hometown, and was outright rejected due to my disabilities. I cannot stand on my feet for hours at a time or lift heavy objects, so I asked if I could do the job sitting down and be assigned…

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What is Benevolent Sexism?

By: Julie Saxton If you’ve never heard the term “benevolent sexism,” you’re probably not alone. The idea that there are two types of sexism, benevolent sexism and hostile sexism, wasn’t postulated until 1996 by two psychologists, Glick and Fiske. This notion was part of their greater ambivalent sexism theory, which defined and discussed benevolent and…

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I Don’t Need to be Beautiful

By: Erica Michelle Lee   But it’s so important to accept your own beauty as a woman! Really? Let’s talk. Many people have internalized society’s strict standards of female beauty, and it takes a long time to shake them off, if they ever do. These internalized standards dictate harmful day-to-day actions, from slut-shaming a woman…

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Womanism: What it is and Why We Need It

By: Angela Seal Despite the feminist movement’s recent surge in popularity amongst young and affluent women and men, the focus remains concentrated on a narrow demographic. Minority voices continue to be silenced due to a lack of proper representation. These groups’ experiences are dismissed as irrelevant to the lives of the movement’s target audience of…

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Lifting the Veil: The Truth About Middle Eastern Women

By: Nneka Ewulonu A common rebuttal to Western feminism is: “how can you complain when women in the Middle East are far more oppressed than you?” Among the many problems with this statement is the fact that, in reality, women in the Middle East or other regions dominated by the Islamic religion are generally as…

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SEX SELLS: What the Media is Doing to our Female Politicians

By: Caitlyn Beatty During the 2008 presidential primary election, you could buy a “Hillary Nutcracker.”  A presidential candidate, a former US Senator, was made into a nutcracker. And people actually bought it. This is just one of the many examples of sexism that female politicians face. Our female politicians are being treated in ways that…

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Feminist Women as Academics: Learning the Ropes and Trying Not to Strangle Ourselves

By: Savannah Downing The notion of female academics was once an anomaly. Confined to the private sphere of dirty diapers, cleaning ovens, or less prestigious occupations like housecleaning, clerical work, and other performances of simply doing the “shit work,” access to higher education was limited at best, laughable at worst. To think that women now…

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A Day in the Life of an Asian-American Woman

By: Julie Saxton A day in the life of an Asian-American woman begins like most other American women’s days. She might get up, get dressed, do her hair and makeup, and eat breakfast. She might leave the house for work or class and go about her schedule in a most ordinary way. But an Asian-American…

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Ten Tips for Women Traveling Alone

By: Ansley Hayes 1 Decide you are old and smart enough to travel alone-a short weekend trip to see a friend in another state. Save money for a month and google “how to buy a plane ticket.” Take a few moments at the Delta checkout counter to imagine an elaborate escape plan should you be…

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