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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice

It’s A Turf War On A Global Scale: Women’s Soccer Versus FIFA

By: Andy Bedingfield The World Cup comes but once every four years, much like U.S. presidential elections. But instead of dividing people, the biggest event in world football has a knack for bringing us all together, even those who aren’t typically fans of the game. Hopefully some of those new fans will stick around for…

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How Will Georgia Voters Turnout for Equal Pay?

[This article was originally published by the Roosevelt Institute’s Next New Deal blog on October 31, 2014.] The Georgia senate candidates’ most interesting records on equal pay are in business, and they’re worth close attention. Read the other state-by-state analyses in this series here. Early observers pegged the Georgia midterm senate race as one to watch, and…

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