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6 Online Resources for Feminists

By: Ansley Hayes


Conceived by Jessica Valenti in 2004, the blog is a platform for younger feminists to exchange ideas and organize. Political issues -both on-going movements as well as breaking news- are well covered here. Personal essays make frequent appearances, but news reigns supreme. The Feministing community is vibrant and welcomes participation. If you’re going to pick one site to satisfy your daily feminist rage and inspiration quotas, choose this one. Their Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet is a quick primer that gets you set up to fight the patriarchy before sitting down to a balanced breakfast.

Where to start:

We Heart Women’s Centers, How Men and Women are Critiqued in Performance Reviews, Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet 9/17/2014

The Toast

I don’t care if you ignore every link in this post, as long as you visit The Toast. The brainchild of Nicole Cliffe and Mallory Ortberg, the Toast is like your weird, impossibly cool older cousin who lived in your basement one summer when she was off from art school. She didn’t talk much, but she left collages made of 18th century paintings and Riot Grrrl lyrics on your bed and let you listen to her records and play in her theory books in exchange for standing lookout while she smoked cigarettes in the neighborhood playground. The Toast blends personal essays, fiction, and art and music criticism written by emerging voices as well as staff writers. Mallory and Nicole have brains I want to spend a day pinging around inside like a cerebral bouncy castle. The site is less than two years old, so you could totally drop everything right now and plow through their entire archive. Bonus Toast Point: They pay their contributors!

Where to start:

What Became of the Entwives, Male Novelist Jokes, A Personal History of Misogyny

Mallory's Twitter is deadly (for my productivity).

Mallory’s Twitter is deadly (for my productivity).


Founded in 1966, the National Organization for Women is the most recognizable grassroots organization of feminist activists in the United States. NOW activists are lobbyists, organizers, non-violent protestors, and leaders working to open economic, educational, political, and social opportunities to every woman. NOW brings lawsuits and works to change laws that work for women rather than against them. The NOW website is a hub for all of their works and is a great place to start if you want to get involved in activism, get educated, or find state-by-state information.

Where to start:

Say It SisterNOW YouTube ChannelFAQS

When was the picture taken? Who knows! The ERA (Equal Rights Act) was written in 1923 and still hasn't been passed.

When was the picture taken? Who knows! The ERA (Equal Rights Act) was written in 1923 and still hasn’t been passed.

Bitch Magazine

Have you ever spent an hour surfing Netflix trying to find a decent movie that passes the Bechdel test? Bitch can fix that for you. Bitch began as a quarterly magazine published out of Portland, OR in 1996 with the mission “to provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture”. Today Bitch exists in print as well as online and offers criticism and coverage of a smorgasbord of media including feminist sourced mixtapes, film reviews, and cultural criticism.

Where to start:

BitchTapesBechdel Test Canon


The tagline just about covers it, “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing.” Jezebel is like eating cotton candy and hummus in the same meal, it’s sweet and filling but it doesn’t always taste quite right. While the site has come under feminist fire in the past for their less than intersectional coverage, it is still the best place around to gawk at MET Gala dresses or pictures of the KimYe wedding without driving traffic to sites you hate. Jezebel belongs to the Gawker media group, so get your legitimate news elsewhere, but come here if you need to decompress after a long day of fighting the good fight.

Where to start:

Rihanna to NFLCelebrity Tweet Beat

Our Bodies, Ourselves

When the inaugural edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves was published in 1971, it sparked both cheers and outrage as the first women’s health book written by and for women. Four decades later the newest edition of the book was named “Best Health Consumer Book of the Year” by the Library Journal. The Our Bodies, Ourselves website offers women’s health information from a trusted source as well as women’s health focused new coverage.

Where to start:

Guide to Sexuality and RelationshipsBody ImageOur Bodies, Ourselves BlogGuide to Birth Control

Images via Mallory Ortberg, Wikipedia, and Bitch Magazine

Bitch MagazineFeminismFeministingJezebelNOWOur BodiesOurselvesResourcesThe Toast

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