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Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice

Pink Collar Blues

By: Mariya Lewter As an aspiring sports journalist, I am always reminded of the fact that I will be one of very few women in a male-dominated industry. I’ve heard countless lectures about how I must be at the top of my game at all times to show that, although I am a woman, I…

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Do You Take This Woman…?

By: Tatiana Edelen Marriage in the United States is slowly but surely becoming accessible to non-heterosexual couples; there are fewer constraints and obstacles on the road to marriage than there were fifty, twenty-five, even ten years ago. However, one issue continues to move at a snail’s pace towards equality and resolution: a man’s right to…

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Short Shorts and Tight Dresses: Are You Asking For It?

By: Caitlin Frost My friend Anne and I were recently stopped downtown by a well-dressed man hanging around outside a bar. He asked if we could answer a question for him. I, always up for an awkward encounter with a stranger, said “sure.” So he went on: “No matter what you think of ‘them’ and…

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The Battle of Modern Dating

By: Julia Repisky In the past year, I’ve decided to jump back into the world of dating. As someone who hasn’t had much luck in this sphere, I honestly have no clue what I’m doing really. My high school relationship carried on into college, only to end in disaster. However, dating in your 20’s is…

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Fear in Decision Making

By: Maggie Davis I do not want the title of this post to come off the wrong way. When I say “fear in decision making,” I do not mean to assert that women are afraid of making decisions, or that women cannot make decisions. I mean it literally: fear in decision-making, or that women unknowingly…

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We Want You: Boys in the English Department

By: Caroline King In my Victorian literature class last week, as we were discussing the all-too familiar restrictions under which Victorian women lived, my thoughts drifted elsewhere to those floating behind the blank stare of the guy sitting next to me. Was his disinterest due to the irrelevance of this particular topic to his male…

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Debunking Sex Myths

By: Nneka Ewulonu Sex education is unfortunately far from complete or accurate within the United States. It is common to see even adults confused about sex and genitalia. There is no guide or “how-to” book to help you navigate through sex, but luckily the internet is full of sources that offer some guidance. Before you can…

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A Heart Divided: A Holy Week Reflection on Contradiction

By: Julia Jones When I discovered feminism, I began to look at life through a completely different (and much stronger) lens that was both refreshing and upsetting. I was intrigued by this new worldview and found it affirming and liberating. At the same time, how was I supposed to enjoy life after being programmed to…

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Female Cartoon Characters Breaking the Homogeneity

By: Sarra Sedghi I have a love-hate relationship with cartoons. On one hand, they make me laugh and have a profound effect on the way I look at the world. At the same time, the majority of cartoon characters are white males, and that disappoints me .  Even worse, many of the female characters that do…

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“What the Hell is Women’s Studies?”

By: Savannah Downing During my freshman year, I enrolled in “Introduction to Women’s Studies” because my advisor thought that, based on our conversations, I’d be interested in it. On the first day of class, our instructor asked us to get into groups and answer the question, “What is women’s studies?” I had no real understanding…

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