Women's Outreach and Resource Collective | A collaborative community for advocates of gender equity and social justice


What is WORC?

We are the Women’s Outreach and Resource Collective. 

WORC is the updated name and presence of the organization formerly known as “Dawgs for a Women’s Center at UGA”.

WORC is a feminist organization.

We operate under the belief that women and men are inherently of equal worth and should therefore be afforded equal opportunities and support. As feminists, we believe in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.

Because most societies privilege men as a group, social movements are necessary to achieve equality between women and men, with the understanding that gender always intersects with other social hierarchies. For that reason, we always welcome input from students of other communities—including, but not limited to, the LGBTQA community and various ethnic minorities.

WORC was founded as the public face of a student-run movement to bring a women’s center to the University of Georgia.

We originally operated under the name Dawgs for a Women’s Center at UGA as an extension of a Student Government Association student-led effort to promote the installation of a women’s center on the University of Georgia Campus.

Although we are working in conjunction with University administration to highlight issues of gender inequality and under-representation on the University of Georgia campus, we do not represent the views and opinions of the University of Georgia.

WORC serves as a showcase for the varied perspectives of students at the University of Georgia.

Given our mission to highlight as many perspectives as possible, WORC does not explicitly support any single political ideology. Furthermore, as an organization, we do not endorse specific political entities.

Realizing that UGA students have viewpoints across the political spectrum, we invite students to write about the issues that matter to them in a way that is not discriminatory or hateful. While we support the representation of any equality-based points of view, we do not condone hateful or prejudiced writings, images or ideologies.